Company Formation

If you or your company have definitive plans to come to Brazil to start a business venture, this will most probably involve a range of corporate services in Brazil to develop a Brazilian subsidiary…

Accounting Services

Essential to starting your Brazilian subsidiary off on the right foot is the choice of an accounting services firm….


Foreigners do not require Brazilian visas in order to be shareholders of a Brazilian company and if the intention of the investor is to only come to Brazil from time to time to oversee the investment, this…

Hiring Employees

Once your company is incorporated, you will need local human resources to help you grow your business. In order to do so, it is important that you obtain the following…

Office Facilities

Depending on your planned activities in Brazil, your office requirements will vary. However, certain minimal requirements will have to be met…

Tax Planning / Tax Compliance

BrazilĀ“s tax structure is highly complex. When initiating your activities here, it is of the essence that you fully understand the taxes to which the company will be subject and the compliance requirements…

Other Services
  • General consulting on foreign investment regulations and requirements;
  • Company formation (corporations and limited liability companies)
  • Registration of foreign capital investments with Central Bank